N°88 Año 2023

"Nonas 1"
Kevin Stebner

Kevin Stebner is a multi-disciplinary writer, musician, visual and installation artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Through a dedication to DIY in all its forms, at one point dubbed by Vice as "Calgary's Hardest Working Musician," Stebner has released dozens of albums and toured across Canada multiple times with myriad of projects, notably Stalwart Sons, Cold Water, GreyScreen, and Prepared.  Ever active,  post-hardcore band Fulfilment have dropped their first album "10 Colours" in 2022. alt-country band Cold Water have just released their second album "Instead I am a Golden Oriole" (2023). Throughout the pandemic he has dedicated the time focused on preparing his first novel, No Thing but Nothing. Stebner has been delving into the world of concrete poetry in various forms, largely utilizing typewriters, the result of which has been an astounding array of nearly typewritten visual poems, many of which are appearing in chapbooks and publications (recently from Blasted Tree, NonPlusUltra, No Press & Timglaset). He is also the proprietor of Calgary's best bookstore that's in a shed, Shed Books.