N°67 Año 2021

"Mystic Circles"
Laura Ortiz

Born in Argentina, Laura is the daughter of a typographer. She worked as an educational psychologist until she moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2007. As part of this life-altering event, she began drawing and painting. Her passion for visual communication led her to pursue a degree in graphic design.

In 2016, Laura discovered the burgeoning abstract writing and visual poetry communities as she investigated online art. Having a natural propensity for image-text, she soon began creating and sharing her own work in these genres. From the onset, her art was received warmly and with excitement.

Laura’s abstract works have been featured in exhibitions at contemporary art venues in Italy, Spain, the USA, Argentina, Mexico and India. She has been published in/on many of the major, influential visual poetry journals and abstract blogs such as Utsanga, Frequenze Poetique, Slowforward, The Brave Old Man, Asemic the Post -New Literate, and more.

Laura’s visual works are packed with glyphs, letters and symbols superposed with abstract shapes. Her treatment of symbols, typography, letters and shapes has helped her gain a place in the International Novatrice Infinitesimale _INI, an avant-garde art movement founded in 1980 by Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi at Café du Fiore in France.

Her upcoming book Unwritings: a Journey to Visual Poetry, will be release on August 2021 by Asemic Press, USA.