N°81 Año 2023

Yuri Bruscky

Artista sonoro e investigador. Desarrolla prácticas artísticas explorando las intersecciones entre el ruido, el lenguaje, las mediaciones tecnológicas y la cotidianidad. Mantiene, desde 2010, el sello de música experimental Estranhas Ocupações. Co-creador del festival de artes sonoras Rumor y del programa de seminarios y residencias (Entre) Lugares Sonoros. Coautor del libro 'Historia de la Poesía Visual Brasileña' (2018).


 #vispomotion N°16

Año 2023

Kseniia Stavrova, multidisciplinary designer and art director, co-founder of Orka Collective. Works across various media with the focus on experimental graphic design, motion design and typography. Originally from Saint-Petersburg, lives and works in Hamburg.

Project info:

Series of shot motion loops created as a part of everyday’s practice and research (ongoing). There’s no special title for the series, it’s called just “Motion studies” + the number.





 N°80 Año 2023

This House _The stuff of which the world is made
Collage, 20 x 20 cm
Katja Pudor
live in Berlin, Germany

Katja Pudor's text-based collages are created from existing texts by other authors, which she selects and creates new texts from.
The artist's concept is to change existing texts by making new connections between the text fragments she selects. 
The work "me and the others" combines text passages about works by female artists. A fund of facts about works by female artists is created 

and points to the still insufficient presence of female artists in representative museum catalogs, in texts about art. 



#vispomotion N°15

Año 2022

Felipe Braun

Brazilian creative coder/multimedia artist seeking to integrate new technologies, development and research of innovations and visual arts.
In his work, mostly in generative video art, he tries to achieve motion complexity using large scaled pixels and ASCII characters, communicating with this about the duality between simplicity and complexity inside the computer era.
Graphic designer professional and electronical engineering student.
Knowledge in creative programming, 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and new decentralist technologies (blockchain | NFTs).


 N°79 Año 2022



Kitty Doherty

Kitty Doherty (she/her) is a Berlin-based creative whose text-based art and visual poetry centres around language. Her work explores the arbitrary, inconstant and inefficient nature of language, as well as the role it plays in the intertwining issues of selfhood, epistemology and the construction of social norms and literary ideals. 



#vispomotion N°14 

Año 2022

Krieg ist Frieden.
Bei den typographischen Kurzvideos handelt es sich um meine persönliche Reflexion auf die aktuellen politischen Zustände in der Welt. Unsere Welt besteht aus Frieden und Krieg, die nicht nacheinander kommen, sondern gleichzeitig existieren. "Krieg ist Frieden" schrieb George Orwell in seinem bekannten Roman vor 70 Jahren. Die Wörter Krieg und Frieden fließen in einander in einer Endlosschleife und ergeben eine schmutzige und schwere Anmutung unserer heutigen Welt. Die Kurzvideos sind in drei Sprachen ausgeführt, um das internationale Charakter der Politik zu unterstreichen.

War is peace.
The typographic short videos are my personal reflections on the current political situation in the world. Our world consists of peace and war, which do not come one after the other, but exist simultaneously. "War is Peace" wrote George Orwell in his well-known novel 70 years ago. The words war and peace flow into each other in an endless loop, giving a dirty and heavy feel to our contemporary world. The short videos are in three languages to underline the international nature of the policy.

Fjodor Gejko (Germany)

Born in Rudny (Soviet Union) in 1978;

1995 Studied architecture and urban planning at the Rudny Industrial College;

1996 move to Germany;

2001 to 2005 studied visual communication in the design department at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences;

After studying graphic design at large national and international companies in Germany and China;

Fjodor Gejko regularly writes articles on typographic design for Russian, Swiss and Japanese trade journals.


 N°78  Año 2022

Rhys Trimble is a neurodiverse, bilingual, poet, teacher, translator, performer, critic, musician, visual artist, mystic, pastynwr, performance artist, publisher and editor born in Zambia, raised in South Wales and resident in North Wales.



Año 2022

Julian-Anthony Hespenheide is a german designer in the fields of Interaction Design. In his work, he creates compelling complex installations to tell peculiar stories about the digital and opens a discussion space in the analog sphere. His work emphasizes on converging the digital with design, art, science and technology to create novel concepts and a better understanding of the future. He is holding a M.A in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen (HFK), Germany.



"Palabra Sublevada" - Muestra Colectiva

Participación en la muestra "Palabra Sublevada".


 N°77 Año 2022

"Documento frente y dorso", 

Collage textil, 2021 
obra en papel, serie en Pandemia.

Claudia Contreras

Nació en Ranelagh, Buenos Aires adonde estudió grabado y diseño textil desde los 16 años con el maestro Ludovico Pérez.
Estudia en la Escuela de Bellas Artes Carlos Morel, Quilmes.

Vivió en España entre 1978 y 1983, adonde estudió Dibujo y Pintura en el Taller de Jorge Abot, y en la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, en Madrid.

En 1983 de vuelta en Buenos Aires, se recibe de Maestra de Bellas Artes en la Escuela Nacional Manuel Belgrano, estudia en la Escuela de Bellas Artes Pridiliano Pueyrredón, en la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de la Nación Ernesto de la Cárcova, en la Cátedra Pintura con Alejandro Puente, y en diversos talleres de artistas.

Obtuvo diversos Premios y Becas: 
1º y 2º Premio Salón Nacional en Arte Textil, 2009
Fundación Antorchas. Beca Fundación Telefónica, Beca Trama con León Ferrari, y Beca a la creación del Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

Estudió Dibujo con el Maestro Eduardo Stupía.

Actualmente vive en Parque Chas y trabaja como docente en CABA. Dictó Talleres de Collage interdisciplinarios, en donde cruza lenguajes, como lo hace en sus obras. Desde la Pandemia también dicta los Talleres online. 
Participó en distintas exposiciones grupales e individuales. 
Poseen sus obras en Museos, Colecciones privadas y públicas de Argentina, y otros países.
Nuestro museo cuenta en su acervo patrimonial con una obra objeto de su autoría.


Año 2022

Danny Chodirker

Trabajo como editor de sonido y grabador para televisión y cine... y garabateo mucho... ¡descubrí el arte de las máquinas de escribir en 2021 y luego me obsesioné bastante!.


N°76 Año 2022

Steve Artymiuk 

Steve Artymiuk is a designer from Yorkshire, England.




Año 2022


A TYPE is a FONT (called POLICE in French) of typographic CHARACTERS which can be developed in VARIANTS, or SORTS in French. The HYPNOTYPE associates those VARIANTS towards a SORT OF ANTI-FONT / ANTI-POLICE with CHARACTER. The HYPNOTYPE, born out from mixing all VARIANTS / all SORTS, is a FAMILY on its own. It undoes the WORDS’ and WORLD’s undue immobilization. In French, a TYPE is also a GUY.



 N°75 Año 2022

Rock Profile - Witness
Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard is a visual artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United
States. His works are a meditation on land and the cultural lenses through which
we perceive, experience and engage with our environment. His mixed-media works
explore how people engage, understand, and exploit the land. Delving into recent
and distant histories of human interaction with our environment, as well as
geology, hydrology and plant ecology, the landscape becomes something that can
be read.
Hazard extracts and projects narratives from/onto constructed cosmic topographies to
craft glimpses of fabricated notions of wilderness. His works feature numerous layers
of paper punctuated with geometric and organic masses of hand-stamped text, which
are carefully torn or cut, spaced apart and aligned to define intimate portal-like
voids and micro-gardens. The viewer has the opportunity to look ‘at’ and ‘through’
each composition simultaneously.



Año 2022

ModuloFont is a project launched by Benoit Wimart (France) in November
The idea is to design fonts from modules and to have scripts to
experiment more possibilities.
The creativity process allows exchanges between code and drawing, I draw
letters, I need a script to explore a track, the tool evolves and the
drawings too.

More info at: https://f-nt.eu


Poesia Visual y Experimental en Argentina / Claudio Mangifesta.

 Charla sobre "Poesia Visual y Experimental en Argentina" de Claudio Mangifesta en Casa da Rosas, Brasil, junio 2022.

Organización: Julio Mendonça.

Poesia Visual y Experimental Argentina / Claudio Magifesta en Casa da Rosas.

 Compartimos la exposición de Claudio Mangifesta sobre "Poesia Visual y Experimental en Argentina" reañizada en Casa da Rosas, Brasil, junio 2022.


 N°74 Año 2022

"The inaugural addresses of Franklin Roosevelt in icy folds."

Andrew Brenza

Andrew Brenza’s recent chapbooks include Geometric Mantra (above/ground press), Poems in C (Viktlösheten Press), and Waterlight (Simulacrum Press). He is also the author of four collections of visual poetry, Automatic Souls (Timglaset), Gossamer Lid (Trembling Pillow Press), Alphabeticon & Other Poems (RedFoxPress), and Album, in Concrete (Alien Buddha Press). He newest book, Spool, was just released by Unsolicited Press.




AÑO 2022

 Broken letters

 (2020 - 2021)

André Burnier is a Brazilian a graphic designer and creative coder. In 2016, he graduated with a Master in Graphic Design at AKV | St. Joost, in Breda, The Netherlands. Since then, Burnier has been exploring the intersection between graphic design and programming languages. During his practical research, Burnier developed custom tools to generate logos, patterns, layouts, motion design, and a few broken letters.




"15° Aniversario - Convocatoria Internacional de Poesía Visual y Experimental 2007 / 2022"

aurapoesiavisual es un virtualzine que cumple 15 años promoviendo y difundiendo la poesía visual - -experimental del mundo. 

💫 Todos los trabajos recibidos serán publicados en nuestros sitios web.



Editores de


Flyer de Convocatoria

01- Patricia Portillo Esquivel / Argentina
02- Calogero Marrali / Italia
03 - Tchello d'Barros / Brasil
04- Nico Vassilakis / U.S.A.
05 - Roberto KeppleR / Barasil
06- Samuel Montalvetti / Argentina
07- Fedreico de Jesus Jimenez Huerta / México
08- Ankie van Dijk / Paises Bajos
09 - Cinzia Farina / Italia
10- Santiago Meroño / España
11- Irina Tall (Novikova) / Belorrusia
12- Alejandra Torres / Argentina
13- Alejandro Thornton / Argentina
14- Katja Pudor / Alemania
15- Laura Ortiz / Canadá
16- Raquel Gociol / Argentina
17- Hilda Paz / Argentina
18- Luc Fierens / Bélgica
19- Debora Daich / Argentina
20- Víctor Valqui Vidal / Perú
21- Miekal And / USA
22- Samaijadi / Iran
23- Claudia Catanzaro / Argentina
24- Rosa Gravino / Argentina
25- Amanda Earl / Canadá
26 - Gonzalo Crespo /Argentino
27- Horváth Piroska / Austria
28- JÓZSEF BÍRÓ / Hungria
29- Maria Paula Doberti / Argentina
30- Marjan Zahed-Kindersley / U. K.
31- Satu Kaikkonen / Finlandia
32 - Yakman K Tsering / Tibet
33 - Michael Betancourt / U.S.A
34- Antonio Andrade (Almandrade) / Brasil
35- Ronald Lubega / Uganda
36- Marcos Llamas / Argentina
37- Brian Cullen / Canadá
38- Stella Maris Tessitore / Argentina
39- Claudia García / Argentina
40 - Rhys Trimble / Zambia - Gales
41- Stephen Nelson / Escocia
42- Rosalie Gancie / USA
43 - C o s t i s / Grecia
44- Ariel Gangi / Argentina
45 - Claudio Mangifesta / Argentina
46- Duhamel Xolot / Cuba
47- Sabela Baña / España
48- Stephan Wagner / Canadá
49- Diana Guzmán / Argentina
50- OmarOmar / Argentina
51- Luis Carlos Juarez / Argentina
52- Ignacio Navarro Cortez / México
53- Roberto Almeida Junquera / México
54- Clemente Padín / Uruguay
55- Pak Elshysh /España
56- Anna Flávia Schmitt Wyse Baranski / Brasil
57- Rosana Schmitt / Brasil
58- Stella Maris Velasco/ Argentina
59- Ana Suárez / Argentina
60- Hugo Pontes / Brasil
61- Marisa Rufino / Argentina
62- Matthew Johnson ( ill_Dialekt )/U.K.
63- Adriana Martinez / Argentina
64- Diego Axel Lazcano / Argentina
65- Félix Torrez / Argentina
66- Alexandru Jakabházi / Rumania
67- Walter Brovia / Argentina
68- Marcia Bravo Mercado / Chile
69- Luis Maria Labrador / España
70- Ildkó Biró / Hungria
71- Alexander Limarev / Rusia
72- David Felix / U.K.
73- Vivi Sasso / Argentina
74- Jeff Nimp / Francia
75- Claudia Ortega / Chile
76- Laura Kuperman / Argentina
77- Maria Angélica Carter Morales / Argentina
78- Daniela Amalaba / Argentina.
79- J. M. Calleja / Calatuña.
80- Mauro Césari / Argentina.
81- David Coloma Gracía / España 
82- Moisés Robles Rodriguez / México
83- ZD / República Checa
84- Néstor Rossi / Argentina
85- Apollinariia Ilina / Rusia 
86- Serse Luigetti / Italia
87- Marcela Veronica Vito /Argentina
88- Lucy Hulton / U.K.
89- Andrew Brenza / USA
90- Sergio Bonzón / Argentina
91- MN James / UK. USA
92- Miguel Ángel Huerta Zuñiga / Chile
93- David Mendoza / Colombia
94- Mónica Christiansen / Argentina
95- Dániel Sárosi / Hungría
96- Alejandra López Riffo / Chile
97- Perla Margulies / Argentina
98- Chucho Morales / Venezuela
99- Mirta Valdés / Argentina
100 - Claudia Li / Brasil
101- Raquel Masci / Argentina
102- _guroga / Venezuela
103- Michelle Leiva/ Argentina
104- Verónica Ramirez / Argentina
105- Cintia Belmonte / Argentina
106- Amparo Gimenez Laure /Argentina
107- Sofía Raschia Verea / Argentina
108- Ludmila Morel / Argentina
109- David Nieto / Argentina
110- Athina, Martin Porretti / Argentina
111- Valentina Palma / Argentina
112- Maitena Ixtaina / Argentina
113- Marta Bustos / Argentina
114- Santo Guzmán / Argentina
115- Lucia Esteban / Argentina
116- Bautista López / Argentina
117- Fernanda Hamberg/ Argentina
118- Camila Huili / Argentina
119- Rodrigo Cuomo / Argentina
120- Lunabella Magalí Becherán/ Argentina
121- Mijail Rico / Argentina
122- Paula Castañeda / Argentina
123- Guadalupe Ramallo/ Argentina
124- Oriana Selene Tabarcache /Argentina
125- Ro Barragán /Argentina
126- Tobias Miccino /Argentina
127- Florencia Fernández /Argentina
128- Maria Marta Di Bin /Argentina
129- Juan Ignacio Belén /Argentina
130- Natalia Bulnes /Argentina 
131- Martina Correa Kern /Argentina 
132- Mara Belén Salto /Argentina
133- Julieta Silva /Argentina
134- Tomas Ramirez /Argentina
135- Marina Lafarga /Argentina
136- Mariana Luz Córdoba /Argentina 
137- Ailen Quimey Romano Santa Cruz /Arg.
138- Agustina Lamion /Argentina
139- Clara Comoglio /Argentina 
140- Carolina Rocco /Argentina
141- Miguel Jimenez

E Book

15° Aniversario aurapoesiavisual de Ana Verónica Suárez


 N°73 Año 2022

"Encyclopedic N°2"
Eyckmund Oog, Alemania.



AÑO 2022

Nico Vassilakis

Nico Vassilakis is a visual and textual poet. His recent books include VOIR DIRE (Dusie Press 2020) and LETTERS of INTENT (CyberWit 2022) along with other pamphlets and booklets. Nico is a contributing editor for UTSANGA and has had his work exhibited globally. He lives in the middle of nowhere in Illinois with his wife and animals.
Minor sources of sugar. Button-shaped trees. Air pricked with negative light. Invisible chairs crossing the sea. Literature derived from art manifestoes. “Logically, the universe is absurd”
Thought Veranda busy in motion.



 N°72 Año 2022

Milan Doctor

Milan Doctor studies graphic design in Kiel (Germany).

He creates a typographic collage out of recycled materials and found scraps of paper everyday for more than two years. The commitment to create and make something every day helps a lot, he says, to understand form, composition and type. And of course it is just a lot of fun.



AÑO 2022

Serie Dispositivos
Rosa Gravino

Nació y reside en Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Egresada de Bellas Artes, UNR. Ha participado en numerosos talleres y proyectos experimentales. Entre sus trabajos predominan Poemas Visuales, Libros de Artista y Objetos.
Expone regularmente en su país y el exterior. Sus obras han sido publicadas en revistas, libros, catálogos, medios digitales, integran revistas ensambladas y también circulan a través de sus envíos postales.
Desde 2008 participa en circuitos de Arte Correo lo cual le ha permitido experimentar una dimensión colaborativa y global del arte.
Como artista correo participó en centenares de convocatorias, también ha gestionado una serie de eventos y ha documentado todo en sus blogs.
Fue en medio de la digitalización generalizada que se produjo durante la pandemia que comienza a interesarse por el formato video y ese tipo materialidad tan compleja, accesible y al mismo tiempo absolutamente intransferible a otro medio.


 N°71 Año 2022

"Something From Nothing" 
CJ Jones

CJ Jones is a visual artist from Fremont, California and was introduced to the worlds of typewriter art and visual poetry in 2018. Unsatisfied with the typewriter as an art making tool, he used a rotary tool to grind off parts of typewriter letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols to make a character set of marks closer to what an artist might use to draw an image. With these remaining letter parts, CJ can reconstruct Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets as well as Latin alphabets in reverse or upside-down.





AÑO 2022



Naufalrel Pandu

My name is Naufalrel Pandu, I’m a motion artist and designer based in Indonesia. My work is focusing in between motion and typography. with various approach, trying to constantly find the artistic potential in animated typography, by doing self-iniated projects on my Instagram where i regulary making and posting my artwork as self-development.

I'm currently studying to get my Bachelor Degree in Digital Media Communication while doing commissions and other projects



 N°70 Año 2022



Michael Betancourt

Michael Betancourt is a pioneer of “Glitch Art” who has made visually seductive digital art that brings the visionary tradition into the present. His work with typoetry has been published in Die Lerre Mitte, Bridge, and Utsanga.



AÑO 2022

"Limpa DATA"
Fabio Navarro Biazetti 

Escritor nacido en un domingo gris de septiembre en la ciudad de Jaú, interior del Estado de São Paulo. 

Escribió cuentos y crónicas para los sitios culturales Nego Dito, Altnewspaper y Jamé-Vu. Sus poemas fueron publicados en las revistas Mallarmargens, Literária Br., Inutensílio, Fazia Poesia, Quincas, We Love Bananas y Revista Subversa.

Su poema Tobacco Bulgaro fue publicado en la Revista CTRL + Verso de la Cooperativa da Invenção en el Centro de Pesquisa Haroldo de Campos en Casas das Rosas (São Paulo), donde el escritor estudió y hasta hoy realiza experimentos con poesía tecnológica. Se dedica a establecer conexiones entre palabras, tecnología (mediante software o códigos de programación), sonidos y colores. Relaciona tus hallazgos y resultados con tu lugar de existencia además de vincular tus experiencias con el mundo que te rodea. Sus poemas fueron musicalizados por Música de Ruiz, Pedro Pracchia, Renato Gimenez y Bernardo Bravo.



 N°69 Año 2021

Serie "Multigramos"
Leandro Senna 
(Co- realizador Julio Zukerman)
2020 / 2021

Mi nombre es Leandro Senna, soy de São Bernardo en Brasil. Comencé mi carrera como metalúrgico y migré al Diseño comenzando como diseñador de empaques. Después de trabajar en algunas agencias en São Paulo, a los 27 años me fui a Nueva York para unirme al equipo de JKR, y al año siguiente en 2013 me mudé a San Francisco donde trabajé en Apple como Director de Arte y Diseñador durante 7 años. En diciembre de 2020 dejé la empresa y estoy aprovechando este momento para trabajar en proyectos personales y redescubrirme como profesional. La letra siempre ha tenido una fuerte presencia en mi trabajo y también es la práctica que más comparto a través de las redes sociales... Creo que es donde conociste mi trabajo.



Año 2022

"Libre Encerrado Libre"

Jesús Urbina RZ


Jesús Urbina Rz Poeta visual y experimental. Arquitecto y Artista Digital. Director del proyecto cultural Espacio Cultura Más. Desempeña su labor como Tallerista cultural desde el año 2014 en distintos Museos, Casas de cultura y centros comunitarios impartiendo talleres creativos y de fomento a la escritura y la lectura, como el Laboratorio de Poesía Visual, el arte de escribir dibujando, danza terapia y poesía visual, encuadernación y libro de artista, y talleres de pintura creativa y action paintign. Ha organizado exposiciones independientes de poesía visual en la Ciudad de México. Fue miembro de la mesa directiva de la Asociación de Escritores de México A.C de 2015 a 2019.



 N°68 Año 2021

Jeff Nimp

Jeff Nimp
Né en 1981 à Glandage,
Vercors (France)




Año 2021

Paulo Aquarone

Paulo Aquarone é poeta multimídia brasileiro, produz desde a década de 1990, trabalhos poéticos com apelo visual, buscando diversas mídias para concluí-los, entre elas o computador e internet que utiliza para divulgação e produção, também nesse período realiza exposições com poemas em vídeos, objetos, fotos, instalações e interativos em diversos espaços como; Centro Cultural São Paulo, Casa das Rosas-Espaço Haroldo de Campos, FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) no prédio da FIESP, Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa em comemoração aos 500 anos do Brasil (Prêmio), Caixa Econômica Federal, Biblioteca Central do Rio de Janeiro, Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, Conexões Tecnológicas – Prêmio Sérgio Motta de arte e tecnologia, Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Vianna Filho – Castelinho do Flamengo, VideoBardo – Festival de vídeo poesia (Argentina), entre outros, seu trabalho também foi publicado em diversas revistas e sites; Boek 861 (Espanha), Soplen Rabiosamente Autorreflexivos de Clemente Padín (Argentina), Celuzlose (Brasil), Expoesia visual experimental (México), L’eiffel terrible (Espanha), Texto Digital (Brasil), Literatas (Moçambique), Utsanga (Itália), Um século de poesia Brasileira (Canadá), Conteúdo para livros didáticos (diversas editoras), Poema visual (Hugo Pontes), Digestivo cultural - Marcelo Spalding (Brasil), Portal Luis Nassif - Blog da Cafu, etc.



 N°67 Año 2021

"Mystic Circles"
Laura Ortiz

Born in Argentina, Laura is the daughter of a typographer. She worked as an educational psychologist until she moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2007. As part of this life-altering event, she began drawing and painting. Her passion for visual communication led her to pursue a degree in graphic design.

In 2016, Laura discovered the burgeoning abstract writing and visual poetry communities as she investigated online art. Having a natural propensity for image-text, she soon began creating and sharing her own work in these genres. From the onset, her art was received warmly and with excitement.

Laura’s abstract works have been featured in exhibitions at contemporary art venues in Italy, Spain, the USA, Argentina, Mexico and India. She has been published in/on many of the major, influential visual poetry journals and abstract blogs such as Utsanga, Frequenze Poetique, Slowforward, The Brave Old Man, Asemic the Post -New Literate, and more.

Laura’s visual works are packed with glyphs, letters and symbols superposed with abstract shapes. Her treatment of symbols, typography, letters and shapes has helped her gain a place in the International Novatrice Infinitesimale _INI, an avant-garde art movement founded in 1980 by Gabriel-Aldo Bertozzi at Café du Fiore in France.

Her upcoming book Unwritings: a Journey to Visual Poetry, will be release on August 2021 by Asemic Press, USA.




Año 2021

Simó del Desert es el seudónimo de un poeta catalán que de vez en cuando estira el horizonte y hace sonar el mar como una guitarra.



N° 66 Año 2021
"Susurro encarnado"
Roberto Almeida Junquera

"Roberto Almeida Junquera es un cineasta que radica en la Ciudad de México con interés por la poesía. Utiliza rezos y textos sagrados para reconfigurarlos y desacralizarlos, otorgando nuevas cualidades sacras por medio de la geometría. Las piezas como conjuros silenciosos."



N°1 Año 2021 

Dennis Hölscher

Dennis Höelscher is a Cologne based graphic, motion & 3D designer. He focuses his work partly on the combination of typography and abstract, mostly algorithm-based generative form designs, and also on the creation of virtual places in three-dimensional space as an environment artist. Both worlds are set in motion by Dennis Hoelscher and increasingly interact with recipients. He is currently studying master communication design at the Hochschule Düsseldorf and works as a freelancer for various agencies.



 N°65 AÑO 2021

Det betyder ingenting 

(It Means Nothing)

Danni Storm


Danni Storm is a Danish artist and writer. Editor of small press Non Plus Ultra, and Danish literary journal Addenda.