N°75 Año 2022

Rock Profile - Witness
Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard is a visual artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United
States. His works are a meditation on land and the cultural lenses through which
we perceive, experience and engage with our environment. His mixed-media works
explore how people engage, understand, and exploit the land. Delving into recent
and distant histories of human interaction with our environment, as well as
geology, hydrology and plant ecology, the landscape becomes something that can
be read.
Hazard extracts and projects narratives from/onto constructed cosmic topographies to
craft glimpses of fabricated notions of wilderness. His works feature numerous layers
of paper punctuated with geometric and organic masses of hand-stamped text, which
are carefully torn or cut, spaced apart and aligned to define intimate portal-like
voids and micro-gardens. The viewer has the opportunity to look ‘at’ and ‘through’
each composition simultaneously.