N°84 Año 2023

"A cruz que carrego"
Sérgio Monteiro de Almeida

Sérgio Monteiro de Almeida (Brazil)
Intermedia artist, he has participated in the artistic movement in Brazil and the international mail art circuit. As a visual poet, he has published in anthologies and magazines, in Brazil and internationally, such as CULT (Brazil) and Rampike Magazine (Canada) and has participated in visual poetry exhibitions such as the International Biennial of Visual and Alternative Poetry in Mexico (1987-2010); Post-Art International Exhibition of Visual/Experimental Poetry (San Diego State University-USA, 1988); Venice Biennale (2005 and 2009, curated by Caterina Davignio); Biennale Internationale de Poesie Visuelle (France, 2015-2021). Recently have been published in the books: Davignio C. Virtual Mercury House, Planetary & Interplanetary Events (Italy, 2012); Zúñiga A, Espinosa C. La mirada transgressora - expanded literature (Mexico, 2017); Dencker KP. Über Viele/S- Begegnungen 1960–2020 (Germany, 2021).

Electronic book http://issuu.com/boek861/docs/sergio_monteiro_libro
Itaú Cultural encyclopedia of visual arts www.itaucultural.com.br