N°94 Año 2024

"Angels as Bridgebw"
Jay Snodgrass

Jay Snodgrass is poet and asemic artist living in the South Georgie and North Florida, US

He is inspired by the hyper-coded stylization of graffiti, illuminated manuscripts, alphabetic calligraphy forms, and the alien communiques that he receives by radio transmission directly into his mind from outer space. Sometimes those messages derive from a more divine origin which moves him to write in tongues.

These pieces are somewhere in the spectrum of new projects, subjects ranging from spells for speaking with the dead to coordinates for discovering time travel. 

There are collage elements, urban geometry and vehicles of transport and escape.               

These letter forms are derived from the lines in nature, the lines in the sky, lines in the broken speech of fallen leaves, lines seeping through from the made-world, form the broken asphalt, powerlines, agriculture, graveyards and traffic. The maps lead through chaotic movement to a world where the movement of branches in wind is more orderly than the worn-out currency of alphabets. 

His asemic work has appeared in Diode, Lockjaw Magazine, Excuse Me Mag, and Asemic Front 2, Slowforward, The South Florida Poetry Journal, Utsanga and Big Bridge; as well as the asemic chapbooks, Masks from Paperview Books, and Book of The 12 Heavens from Conatagion Press. He is the author of Monster Zero, a book of poems about Godzilla. (Elixir Press).