N°82 Año 2023

"He is not that type"
Robin Tomens

Robin Tomens has been making art since the Punk era, when he started producing zines. He uses multi-media such as paper, print, paint, photography, typewriters and digital technology, often combining them in one piece. His work has featured in exhibitions (with The Tunnel collective), booklets for Timglaset and Redfoxpress and the periodical, Le Monde Diplomatique; it has also been used for album covers (Modern Jazz Dance Classics 1 & 2). Text in abstract or literal form has been a constant in his art and visual poetry. He is the author of Points of Departure – Essays On Modern Jazz (Stride) and contributed to the anthology, Cut Up! (Oneiros Books). He makes his own artist’s books, the most recent one being a collection of typewriter art called If You Don’t Mind. He lives in London.