#vispomotion N°18

Año 2023

Sam Jay

SHIFT, 2022 – I rearranged parts of each letter to create new glyphs. A simple example is to exchange the left half of a letter with the right half of a letter. The new glyphs contain the same material as the original letters and theoretically all the information. They are just really hard to read.

I'm Sam from Berlin, Germany - rem_owl on Instagram. I like art based on numbers and letters, so I started to make my own since 2017 and that became an elaborated hobby. The mix of function and aesthetics accompanied me since school with my main subjects art and physics and my stdies in architecture. The functional part of my works is hiding information in plain sight. The aesthetics part is trying different visual styles and techniques (e.g. CAD, spray, markers, tape, 3D printing, cookie dough, LEGO, stamps etc.) Older ideas of my own and new ideas from others are my constant inspiration as well as the world around me.